Friday, March 26, 2010

First Project

I begin with a SdKfz 250/1 or 250/10 from Battlefront(GE200). I am using only Battlefront miniatures as someday I will enter a tourney. After cleaning and prepping the parts I dry fit the pieces. The left side track was being held up by a bit if excess resin here.

The pointer in the picture is the file I used to remove the resin. Resin dust is not good for the lungs so either use a dust mask or keep the part and the file wet till your done as I did.

Below is a picture of the tools I used so far. A pair of tweezers, three small fine files, one round,one triangle and one half round. A tube of Super glue to stick parts together. The small plastic container will keep the very small parts in one spot till I buy some black primer that has been recommended to me for vehicles. The soldiers will be primed white or maybe light grey.
That is indeed a pair of reading glasses (+1.50 strength). They work really well for seeing the details.

The next post will begin with all parts primed and ready for painting. Unless the other three boxes come in the mail first in which case it will be more prep. Hurry up Grenadiers and get here!


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